Why can't I find my school on XACROS?
Failure to find your school on XACROS simply implies that your school isn't registered with us. However, failure to access our services happens when your school holds NO plan with us. Register your school now
My school is registered but I can't find the school code — any help?
Every school registered on XACROS has its unique school code. To find the one for your school, you need to contact your teachers or school admin(s). They surely have that code.
What if parents, educators or students don't have smartphones?
Students and parents can get XACROS' messages on any phone that can receive text messages, including prepaid and flip phones. Simply text your @forumcode to 32123.
What if parents, educators or students don't have a phone at all?
XACROS accounts can be created on any computer with internet access. Participants will see their messages whenever they log in to XACROS, or they can choose to receive messages through their own emails.
My students engage more in XACROS classrooms than in a physical class — why?
Today’s education requires a modern approach to learning, taking full advantage of data, personalization, and mobile access to deliver knowledge and track progress. Thats why your students enjoy this technologically efficient approach to those components.
How do I stay updated about XACROS, its new features, news, how-to and more?
You can follow us and we'll let you know first about any new rollouts, features, opportunities and exclusive sneak peeks;


What information can I access and modify?
As a XACROS account holder, you have access to view and update your user account information (such as your phone, bio), password and user preferences or settings.
Why are pictures and documents not displayed sometimes?
Most times there are problems with displaying pictures and documents if your account is not associated to any school. So join a class or school forum for a difference.
However, it can also happen if these files are located on a network drive or when programs that regulate bandwidth have fault. If so, all you need to do is wait a little bit for it to clear.
Why can't I access the smart content and some books in the Booklex?
XACROS' Booklex can chip away at students' reading barriers and allow learning to be more accessible for all. However one of the reasons below may deny you complete access;
  • Your account is not connected to any school or
  • The book is currently under review.
Is it okay for me to neither read nor receive any legal notices from XACROS?
Yes! It is okay but wrong on the other hand. The downside is, whether you do or don't want to receive legal notices from us, such as this Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines and more, those legal notices will still govern your use of our Services — and you are responsible for reviewing the legal notices for changes.


Is my information secure with XACROS?
Information provided to us is totally safe and secure. XACROS users own their data and control their experiences as we consistently audit, test, and improve XACROS’ practices to protect you.
What regulatory compliances does XACROS observe in its operations?
Our policy advisors always help us to ensure that our product and practices remain compliant with relevant mandates and regulations as shown below;

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